AccelByte Technology & Features

A set of services to power a singular publishing & game platform regardless of where your game is sold & played

User Account Management

A secure identity & access management system that allows developers to form the foundation of the direct relationship with the players.

Features include:

Identity & access management service

OAuth 2.0 support

Built in 3rd party account integration such as XBox, Playstation, Steam, Facebook

GDPR Compliance

Headless Accounts

'User Session Management'

Use our Account Services for:

Player login & registration

Managing player bans

Setup Customer Service, Community Manager, Live Operations, and other roles in the administrative portal

Manage client application auth to backend services

Tech Stack Include:

3rd Party Solution Integration:

Digital Commerce

Collection of web services that serves as the commerce backbone for a publishing platform, tracking product catalog, purchase fulfillment, and digital ownership

Features include:

Catalog, Fulfillment, Entitlement

3rd Party Payment Integrations

Code Redemption

Regional Pricing and Promotion Management

Real or virtual money wallet

Use our Commerce Services for:

Game and In-Game Store Player Experiences

Curating game & in-game store catalogs

Running product sales & promotions

Managing player purchases, entitlements, and virtual currency

Tech Stack Include:

Social & Game Backend Services

Collection of web services that give players a sense of community, platform profile progression, and cloud conveniences

Features include:

Friends & Presence

Lobby & Chat


User Game Profile & Progression & Stats

Leaderboards & Achievements

Cloud Storage & Notifications

Use our Social & Game Services for:

Player friends list, grouping up, chatting, and joining multiplayer matches together

Tracking user progression & stats to display in leaderboards or unlock achievements

Store player save files & configuration in the cloud and sync wherever they go

Trigger localized notifications that gets broadcast to users in portal & game experiences

Tech Stack Include:

White Label Player Experiences

Collection of web & launcher based player experiences that give users access to your games and act as the storefront for your publishing platform

Features include:

CMS driven web portal

PC Launcher client application

Use our Social & Game Services for:

Marketing landing page for user registration, purchase of game, and download through launcher

Publishing news and game updates to web & launcher experiences

Releasing games direct to players through your PC launcher

Tech Stack Include:

Administrative Tools

Collection of tools for customer service, live operations, marketing, and community management to manage players, catalog, and game experiences

Features include:

User account management

Product catalog & promotion management

Platform metrics & dashboards

Admin APIs for 3rd party plugin integration

SSO integration w/ 3rd party tools

Use our Admin Portal for:

Observing health of the player community

Conducting customer service and community management tasks

Tracking business KPIs and managing sales & promotions

Tech Stack Include:

Developer Tools

Collection of tools for developers to integrate and make the most use of the provided game backend

Features include:

Unreal Engine 4 and Unity SDKs

Rest API for direct access to backend services

Game asset upload tool

Use our Social & Game Services for:

Ease of game client integration with supporting backend services

Power out-of-game player experiences like a web portal or mobile app for game inventory management

Chunk and upload game binaries for player download through the PC launcher

Tech Stack Include:

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