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Connect players together within a vibrant community

What is AccelByte

Social drives player to player interactions through chat, presence, status, friends, and groups.

Developers can easily deploy real-time personal, party, and group chat and set-up rich presence and customizable status.

Unify friends lists across platforms

Bulk synchronize 3rd party platform friends into a single, unified list. Enable players to see what other players are doing cross-platform and cross-title.

Support temporal and persistent groups

Create temporal groups (party) and persistent groups (clans/guilds) for players to team up when online and stay connected as part of a larger community.

Easily integrate chat and notifications

Quickly integrate chat services to enable players to send and receive messages to their friends, party, clan, or globally in real-time. Support admin or publishers to send global (or targeted) notifications to players.

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Other solutions that might interest you