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User Account Management
Profile, Stats & Cloud Save
Lobby & Matchmaking
Game Telemetry and Analytics
Player Portal, Launcher & Patcher
Game Server Management (ARMADA)
Crash Reporting and Dynamic Instrumentation

Teams We Have Supported


User Account ManagementEssential

  • Identity & Access across all games
  • OAuth 2.0 Support
  • Link with XBox, Playstation, Steam, Epic, iOS, Google Play, and more
  • Session Management


  • Catalog of Virtual Items, Games, DLC, Bundles, and More
  • Purchase with Real and Virtual Currency
  • Cross-Game/Regional Pricing & Promotion Management
  • Code Redemption

Profile, Stats & Cloud SaveEssential

  • Player Progression
  • Custom Attributes
  • Binary Storage
  • Partial Update

Lobby & MatchmakingEssential

  • Party Management
  • Configurable Matchmaking Rules
  • Flexible Party Size


  • Leaderboard and Achievement
  • Friends, Group, and Chat
  • Notifications

Game Telemetry & AnalyticsEssential

  • Dashboard for Standard Metrics (MAU, DAU, ARPU, and more)
  • Custom Events and Query Building
  • Export to External Data Warehouse

Player Portal, Launcher & PatcherEssential

  • Incremental Patching
  • Embedded Store, News, and Support

AugmentEarly Access

  • BYOF (Bring Your Own Function)
  • Multiple Language Supported (Golang, Java, C#, Node.js)
  • You Write, We Operate

ArmadaEarly Access. Premium

  • Cross Cloud Provider Support
  • Smart Allocation to Minimize Cost
  • Remote Live Session Troubleshooting

Black BoxEarly Access. Premium

  • Real-time Game Crash Reporting
  • Capture Call Stack and Video for Easy Troubleshooting
  • Instrument Functions Dynamically Without Code Change