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Grow and commercialize your platform or in-game store

What is AccelByte

Monetization is a collection of services that serve as the commerce backbone for a publishing platform or in-game store..

Developers can easily power a platform or in-game store with product catalogues, purchase fulfillment, and entitlement services.

Sell direct to your players

Power your platform or in-game store with easy product catalogues, purchase fulfillment, entitlement, and code redemption services.

Supercharge your monetization efforts

Sell game cosmetics, items, boosts, and DLC with in-application real and virtual currency wallets.

Help creators monetize user generated content

Manage and monetize in-game content that has been created by your players. Split revenues with creators and payment management.

Integrate with digital stores

Link with digital stores like Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Live, PSN, Apple App Store, Google Play Store via receipt validation and entitlement sync.

Integrate with 3rd party payment providers

Track direct purchase orders and purchases through 3rd party payment providers like Stripe, Checkout, Adyen, PayPal.

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