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Dynamically assemble and match players

What is AccelByte

Play assembles players in lobby and matchmaking to battle each other in real-time. Match players based on any attributes including ELO, experience, or latency.

Smart game server management mix and matches multiple cloud and bare metal providers with ‘hug the player curve’ autoscaling logic to ensure the best performance and lowest latency to your players with the lowest cost.

Cross-platform lobby and matchmaking

Give players the ability to host lobbies, find parties, and interact with session-based matchmaking cross-platform.

Define matchmaking based on any attribute

Flexibly configure matchmaking criteria based on any defined attributes, including ELO, experience level, or latency.

Cost optimized dedicated server manager

Use smart game server management with “hug the player curve” autoscaling logic to ensure the best performance with the lowest cost.

Support peer-hosted sessions

Enable peer-hosted session by leveraging a secure networking library to facilitate peer-to-peer connectivity.

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