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Track, engage, and retain players across titles

What is AccelByte

Engagement tracks, compares, and reward player success to increase overall player retention.

Developers can easily facilitate competition and accomplishment with leaderboards, achievements, battle/ season passes, and user generated content management services.

Keep players active, engaged, and wanting more

Run seasonal challenges and battle passes with rewards for activity or accomplishments to keep players engaged.

Motivate players with cross-platform achievements

Reward players for cross-title achievements that track cross-platform to forge a sense of purpose and direction within titles.

Boost cross-title engagement with rewards

Tap into your existing communities and reward players with targeted cross-title rewards for overall progression and/ or achievements.

Encourage competition with leaderboards

Track player statistics and drive competition via leaderboards. Easily schedule leaderboard seasons and archive results so players can view past rankings.

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