Manage player progression and game state across platforms

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What is AccelByte Storage?

Storage is player data management that works cross-platform. Track player progression and attributes in one system regardless of where your player is playing.

Developers can save encrypted user-specific attributes or game states across clients to cloud servers as either binary data or JSON.

Sync player profiles and game saves to the cloud

Store player and game attributes cross-clients as either binary data or JSON. Enable players to seamlessly continue playing from any device or platform.

Track player progression across platforms and titles

Securely update persistent or event-based player statistics across platforms and titles for leaderboard, achievement, and e-commerce integration.

Manage global game configurations

Update, modify, or rollback global game configurations to support game events, competitive balancing, and static content publishing.

AccelByte Storage Documentation

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What Our Clients Say

I've been in the industry for a long time and appreciate how difficult it is to create excellent backend technology that delivers a seamless player experience. We know AccelByte can deliver a world class experience that frees up our time to focus on making games.

Ray Yu

Head of Publishing Technology and Operations at Dreamhaven

AccelByte has been instrumental in helping us get The Anacrusis ready to ship. With multiple server options available, we have a high degree of confidence about our ability to scale through launch and beyond.

Chet Faliszek

CEO and Co-Founder of Stray Bombay

By using AccelByte we’ve been able to leverage our existing tech and expertise to get started, allowing us to take the time needed to build the right team. We've been able to iterate quickly on custom features, while supporting studio needs.

Alex Park

Head of Krafton Global Publishing Platform

AccelByte has exceeded our expectations for high quality quick iterations. With a new company and aggressive mandates for remote employees we would not have been able to achieve our goals without AccelByte.

Mark James

CTO of Striking Distance Studios

Founded and built by the community, our goal is to deliver the best possible gameplay experience. Offloading a portion of our backend development to a tried and tested solution will ensure a smooth experience as we scale across multiple platforms to millions of users.

Robbie Singh

CEO of Omeda Studios

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