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Core Values

AccelByte: Our Core Values

At its core, gaming is about fun. We believe games bring people together.

Our core values define who we are as a company and a citizen of our industry. It’s a distillation of the principles we strive towards to bring out the best from one another, help our customers ship games, and inspire creators through our actions.

Shared Success

We are our customers’ biggest ally to ship their games.

We don’t view our customers as accounts, but rather partners with whom we are embarking on a bold and far-reaching journey. We invest in our customers – and what it takes to ship the game – because we win only when our customers win. Success for us looks like boring launches for our customers that result in millions of players engaging with new games globally without a hitch.


We maintain the highest standards for our platform.

We earn the trust of our customers, employees, and partners by being transparent, preserving customer confidences, and consistently delivering the industry’s most reliable platform in performance, security, and player privacy. We might say things that are hard to hear, and that is why our customers work with us.


We believe making games is for everyone.

We believe everyone should have the equal opportunity to be seen, heard, and to create. Supporting diverse perspectives fuels innovation that creates a stronger and richer gaming ecosystem benefitting all developers, creators, and players. We believe we can be a force for good and democratize access to live services tools for creators from all backgrounds.