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Voxies Introduce Cute and Collectible NFTs with AccelByte

Created by AlwaysGeeky Games, Voxies are cute, lovable, and collectible 3d voxel buddies, that live and play on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to AlwaysGeeky Games, "there are only 10,000 Voxies in existence and no two Voxies are identical. Lots of random properties and fun traits make each Voxie cute, unique and sometimes rare! Voxie Tactics is a tactical RPG game that integrates the Voxies NFT project and is free to play and play to earn."

Voxie Tactics is a tactical RPG game that integrates the Voxies NFT project and is free to play and play to earn. The team behind AlwaysGeeky Games has over 15+ years of game development experience, working at worldwide studios like EA Games, Warner Brothers Games, and Ubisoft.


AlwaysGeeky Games had the ambitious goal of launching Voxie Tactics within a short time frame. They knew that they could build out their backend and capabilities eventually, but it would have taken too long. With a goal of launching in January/February 2022 AlwaysGeeky approached AccelByte for their backend.


"The Voxie Tactics team is focused on satisfying our fans and core audience with our cute and collectible NFTs. To meet our player's expectations AccelByte has worked with AlwaysGeeky Games to bring NFT and matchmaking capabilities to Voxie Tactics." - Steven Ball, CEO of AlwaysGeeky Games

AccelByte provides AlwaysGeeky Games with:

Matchmaking Capabilities

The Voxie Tactics PVP Arenas consists of two modes: The Arena (Draft Mode) and The Extreme Arena. Each mode has separate rewards and ranking tiers that allow players to compete against their friends and other players from around the world to see who is the fiercest Voxie Tactics player of them all.

As part of Matchmaking, AccelByte supported capabilities for:

  • Account creation and registration
  • Global matchmaking for 1v1 games
  • Two matchmaking modes with separate tiers, ranking, and rule configurations
  • Player stats, leaderboards, and ELO rankings

NFT Capabilities

AlwaysGeeky already planned to use AccelByte for matchmaking, but wanted to ensure there was also a seamless link between Voxies NFTs and the core gameplay flow within Voxie Tactics. AccelByte rose to the challenge to implement ‘no-hassle' NFT wallet linking for player accounts in Voxie Tactics.

Similar to how players can link multiple gaming identities (e.g., Xbox, PSN, Steam) to an in-game account, AccelByte lets players securely link their external Ethereum Wallet to a Voxie Tactics game account. From there, AccelByte enables easy integration with Voxies NFTs to let players bring their unique Voxies into the game and earn new loot and tokens while playing.


After implementing AccelByte's services, AlwaysGeeky Games has:

  • Natively integrated crypto into the gameplay and multiplayer flow with less than two months to ship the pre-season beta.
  • Released Voxie Tactics directly to players, not through the Steam or Epic store.
  • Launched the demo build for the core gameplay loop (without online and multiplayer features) in December 2021.
  • Launched Voxie Tactics PVP Open Beta Pre-season at the end of January 2022.

AlwaysGeeky Games is currently working with AccelByte on future Voxie Tactics features including, using the AccelByte launcher for distribution and patching, adding multiplayer features for draft and extreme seasons, and crafting deeper NFT and commerce integration. To learn more about AccelByte's solutions request a demo here.

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Voxies Customer Story

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