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AccelByte Scholarship Program Provides Tuition Support for Indonesian Engineering Students

AccelByte sees Indonesia as an emerging market for the game industry. The country has a huge fanbase for games but is still getting off the ground as a game development hub. To address this, AccelByte is making a contribution to game industry development in Indonesia by supporting young creatives who are eager to tackle the challenge of working in this industry. This year, AccelByte launched a Scholarship Program to support students with their college tuition while working on their final project using Unreal Engine.

We’ve selected four bright and enthusiastic recipients for this amazing opportunity. Here’s a little about each of these future leaders in the gaming industry:

Zikrul Ikhsan

Majoring in Informatics Engineering at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia

“My college life led me to believe that educational games can also be as fun and as economically promising as the commercial games people play widely today. My thesis is the starting point to reach this dream. So, I’ve proposed a research method called gameplay-grafting, which can be used to develop an educational-commercial game by combining pure educational-exercise games with conventional games at the gameplay level.

To be chosen as a recipient of the AccelByte Scholarship Program with my thesis, I feel excited, appreciated, and motivated!”

Muhammad Wahyu Nugroho Sakti

Majoring in Informatics Engineering at Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya, Indonesia

“My thesis research starts with matchmaking in games, which is often unbalanced because the system only pays attention to one attribute, usually: level, trophy, game points, etc.

My research involves implementing an algorithm called "automatic clustering" to pursue a representative cluster inside players’ natural behavioral activity data in a game. This research aims to result in the advancement of game data science, from traditional analysis patterns towards knowledge discovery. By finding patterns of player activity using an unsupervised learning approach, from the results of clustering player activities combined with geospatial tracking, this research can produce an analysis-based platform design that works beyond contemporary matchmaking services.

Thank you, AccelByte, for choosing me as an awardee of AccelByte's Scholarship Program. I am grateful for the support from AccelByte for the progression of research in the game industry. It makes me feel more excited and energized to quickly complete this thesis assignment and prepare myself to be able to meet the criteria and join the AccelByte team as an employee.”

Stefanus Salem

Majoring in Technical Information Engineering at Sekolah Tinggi Informatika & Komputer Indonesia

“My thesis is to create a game with Unreal Engine called College Life. It's a simulation game with a college life theme. Players can interact with NPCs and friends, schedule classes, and trigger events with every character. The player's goal is to make a reputation in every event the player goes through. I create it for the Android platform with a third-person character view. I’m hoping that I can publish it someday.

I'm so happy and excited that AccelByte chose me as a recipient of this Scholarship Program. Thank you, AccelByte, for this opportunity! It helps my parents and myself with my college tuition. My parents are so happy about it. Moreover, I got an additional opportunity to join the AccelByte family and become one of AB's crewmates. Thank you so much!”

Fachrurrozy Muhammad

Majoring in Computer Engineering at Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia

“Terrain is something that is crucial in many games. Massive realistic or dramatic terrain can enhance player immersion into the game world. In my project, I'm making procedural terrain generation for the Unreal Engine to help designers generate a heightmap and apply it to the landscape without leaving the Unreal Editor. It allows them to make random procedurally generated terrain with a simple button click within the editor while allowing for further detailing with landscaping tools. I hope this app can make game development a bit easier for designers, including myself.

Developing a game has been one of my dreams since I first play Minecraft, so I'm both thankful and very excited knowing that AccelByte chose me as the recipient of this Scholarship Program. For me, it's the start of a new journey. Can't wait to see what the future holds.”

Congratulations to all the recipients of the AccelByte Scholarship Program! We hope this program will support young engineers in Indonesia to be more creative and motivate them to enter the game industry.

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