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Product Update: Display and Section Service

accelbyte display and section

Our latest product update in Monetization has some very exciting new features that we can’t wait to share with you: a store rotation functionality that can be customized using our gRPC framework. This store rotation is enabled by our newly introduced Display & Section service. 

What’s more exciting is the customization capabilities will enable you to customize your item rotation rules, offer personalized items to each player and even create your own item-backfilling rules. Read on to learn more.

What is AccelByte’s Display and Section Service?

AccelByte Cloud’s new store Display and Section service allows you to better manage your store catalog and offer players more choices in your in-game stores. A rotation of items can be easily configured to allow an in-game store to display a different set of items for each set period of time.

A Store Display can be considered as a page of store catalogs displayed for players in an in-game store, and a Display page normally consists of a number of sections. Each Section can be considered as a placeholder for one or more items to be sold in an in-game store. 

As demonstrated in our example below, ‘Daily Deals’, ‘Featured Items’ and ‘Premium Pass’ are set up using Display; ‘Power-Ups & Headgear’ are Sections under Daily Deals; ‘Power Charge 1: Shooting Star’ is a merchandise selling under ‘Power-Ups’.

How does it work?
Managing Display and Section in the Admin Portal

Now, on to the fun part. As an admin, you might be wondering how to manage Display and Section in the portal. Below, we’ve outlined a guide to help you get started.

Create a Display

A Store Display is a page of store catalogs displayed for players in an in-game store. When you are under E-commerce Store, go to the Display tab and that’s where you can create Display & Sections.

Create a Section

A Display page consists of a number of sections and each section can be considered a placeholder for one or more items to be sold in an in-game store. A list of items should be added to a section and a rotation needs to be set to determine how items will be displayed in that section.

For each section, there are three types of Item Rotation can be supported.

  • None: No item rotation. All items will be included in the Section at the same time for the entire period.
  • Fixed: Fixed rotation means a switch of items placed in a Section for each period.

Custom: The system will rotate items displayed for a Section based on rules defined in your Custom Service.

What kind of customizations are possible?

Custom Rotation Items

Each player may have his/her own preferences, therefore you can customize item rotations in a section and offer personalized shop items for players based on their certain preferences and characteristics, so that players will be more likely to make a purchase and return to your store.

Backfill an Owned Item

Since there is only limited space in your in-game store, and players browsing your store may have already owned some of the items in the store, therefore you may maximize the value of the real estate by backfilling items already owned by players with other items. This way, you can keep the shop feeling fresh and new for all players. When the shop updates a shop slot, it will need to check a player’s inventory to identify owned items. 

Now you have one more method to leverage a direct relationship with your players by customizing how they interact with your in-game stores! With AccelByte, developers can own relationships throughout the player experience. Our commerce collection of services serves as the backbone for a publishing platform or in-game store, from product catalogs, purchases, and fulfillment to digital ownership. 

Interested in learning more about our solutions? Request a demo here.

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