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Managing Your Users with AccelByte IAM and Admin Portal

User account management is a basic requirement when it comes to Games-as-a-Service. Other than it lets you deliver services directly to your players, your player-bases over many different platforms can unite in a central user management system which enables you to manage them better. With a control over your players, your admin can take better actions to improve the GaaS experience and security, e.g.:

  • Banning/removing fraud users
  • Checking player's complaint tickets
  • Managing payment system and currencies
  • Assigning account roles and restrictions
  • etc.

You can manage users better with a clean and intuitive Identity Access Management (IAM) system where you can give the right access to your admins with different roles. Dive deeper into our IAM and Admin Portal through this session from AccelByte Virtual GDC 2020:

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