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Looking Forward to Meeting You at GDC 2020!

If you went to the GDC last year you might’ve noticed our presence when you were passing by the Connect Lounge. This year, still next to the Connect Lounge, we have more space for your better experience accessing our technologies. If you follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you've probably got the hints of what we're bringing to this year GDC to help you improve your Game-as-a-Service experience. With new updates on our products and technologies, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be back for GDC 2020!


? Booth Location

AccelByte Booth is located in a strategic area next to the Connect Lounge, enabling you to easily access our booth. Make sure to visit and say hi!

Game Developer Conference 2020 Floor Plan
GDC 2020 Floor Plan


? Introducing: AccelByte Cloud

Our online game platform is now available in the form of AccelByte Cloud!

A number of large game developers and publishers have licensed our platform as the early adopters and they have been customizing, deploying, integrating and running our platform as a significant part of their online games ecosystem. Now, we’re ready to share it with a larger audience at GDC 2020.

Releasing our platform as a cloud service was based on these thought process:

  • Low cost of entry but flexible. This means that our platform has to be affordable. It also needs to be customizable so that our clients can integrate and implement functionalities that fit their needs without compromising and adding unnecessary complexity.
  • Being transparent. Building and running platforms for online games is a significant undertaking with a lot of moving pieces. It is important that we are transparent and share our expertise and learnings.
  • Customization at the source code level. Each game is unique and will need bespoke logic that is flexible and performant. Hence we think it is critical to be able to customize and extend our platform at the source code level.


What’s unique about our solution?

  • Single Tenant. Each of our clients will have their own dedicated infrastructure. This means (1) Our client’s game won’t be impacted by the bug or high load from other games, (2) Our clients have direct and full ownership of their player/game data. We can do this because data and compute between different clients are not shared, and (3) Backend services can be extended in the source code level, which allow game logic to be pushed to backend. This will facilitate frequent updates to the game, which is key to operating a game as a service.
  • Full Ownership. We facilitate ultimate control through ownership of source code and infrastructure through our enterprise licensing option. This flexibility can become useful when our client has a hugely successful game.
  • Access to Our Engineering Talent. Our engineers are available 24/7, and spread across North America, Europe, and Asia. They are available to help customize and extend our cloud platform, as well as to deploy and ensure that your online services are up and running.


We design our cloud solution to add value to our clients from the beginning and continue to grow with our clients’ needs.

  • Our clients can focus on their game and get to market faster by using our online feature sets, infrastructure and customization as a cloud service.
  • We help our clients with capacity planning and live technical operations when the game launches.
  • Player/game data can help game team iterate and build a better game experience. This data also helps increase the valuation of the game studio.
  • In the long run, we encourage our clients to have full control and ownership through enterprise licensing options.
Visualization of how AccelByte Cloud works


?️ Speaking: Raymond Arifianto - VP of Tech at AccelByte Inc

Our VP of Technology is going to speak at one of the sessions with the topic “Is Your Game Cross-Platform Ready?”. If you join his session on Monday, March 16 (1:20 PM), he’s going to give you the insights to the complexities and tech investments needed to build a cross-platform enabled game, which will definitely be useful if you’re a game developer who’d like to anticipate the upcoming inevitable cross-platform trends.

If you’d like to learn things around the topic to prepare yourself with questions for the session, you can read Raymond's writings here and here.

Let's get connected! Visit our booth at GDC 2020, or better, let's have a get together session! Reach out to us by leaving your contact here or sending us an email at We're looking forward to meeting you at GDC 2020!

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