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Legal Agreement Tracking Solution

Legal documents such as terms of use, privacy policy, and End User License Agreement (EULA) are used to form a trusting relationship with end-users and protect companies from any action that might causes harm. Each player should be given opportunities to opt-in to each legal document separately. In order to prove our end-user consent with our legal documents, we need to keep track of when we get the consent and which document version the end-user consents to.

For these purposes, our platform supports legal agreement documents tracking. The solution includes managing the legal documents, showing the legal documents to our players, recording their agreements and the ability to look into the user’s agreement, on both the admin and the player's console.

Let’s see how all the features fit in together to help game publishers and game studios manage their legal documents and agreements. An admin creates a new legal document for the applied countries in the Admin Portal. An admin can mark it as mandatory if a player needs to accept the consent first before they continue to play the game or use the product.

The Importance of Legal Agreement Tracking
Legal document detail page

Before a legal document is ready to publish, an admin creates a new version of the document, a localized version of the document and uploads the legal document file into the platform. The document versioning helps the admin track each version of the document. If those activities are done, the admin then selects which version is to be published. We provide options whether or not you'd like to keep players notified about new legal document updates.

Video Game Legal Agreement Tracking & Sorting
Version-details page. The admin can create a new localized document version and update the version metadata.
Enable Legal Agreement to Your Video Game
An admin could select whether the player gets notified via email about policy updates.
Enable Legal Agreement Constant Update to Your Video Game
Email notification about the updated privacy policy, terms of service, and cookies policy

There are two places where legal document agreement requests are shown to the player. The first one is on account-registration page. The account-registration page shows the legal document based on country/location. The player can open the legal document link to read more about the document before accepting it so the player could opt-out if the player doesn’t agree with the document. The platform stores the player’s agreement after the player checks the box and decides to continue moving on using our platform.

Enable Player's Legal Agreement to Your Video Game
Registration page. The player is required to accept the legal document first before continuing on using the platform
Enabling Privacy Policy to Your Video Game
A page showing the privacy policy documents

The second one is on any page in the Player Portal. The player portal shows the legal agreement prompt whenever a mandatory legal document is updated and published. If the player doesn’t agree with the newly updated document, the player can click “Deny” and the player is automatically logged out of the platform.

Creating Video Game Agreement & Policy
A prompt for making sure the player accepts the new version of the privacy policy before continuing on using the platform

The player can revisit the agreement document by accessing a menu called “Privacy Records” on “My Account” page.

Updating & Tracking Video Game Agreement & Policy
Privacy Records page in Player Portal

In case of an admin needs to know what legal documents a player has agreed upon for administration reasons, an admin can also see the data in the Admin Portal.

Making Video Game Agreement & Policy Tracking System for Your Game
Privacy Records page in Admin Portal.

That’s the high overview of how our platform helps game publishers and game studios track players' legal agreement. Please reach out to us at should you need more information about this.

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