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Learn More About AccelByte Service Implementation with Light Fantastic

We've put together a new guide that lets you see how our services can be implemented in your game, using Light Fantastic as an example. Light Fantastic is our sample game that we've created in Unity. Our new guide shows you the source code for the game, which gives you a direct look at exactly how our services work.

Backend Services for Sample Game created with Unity Game Engine
Our sample game, Light Fantastic, created with Unity Game Engine

This guide includes the source code for the implementation of in-demand features such as Party, Matchmaking, and Leaderboards. Each section shows you exactly how these features work in Light Fantastic, and can be used as a reference when you want to implement these features in your own game.

Adding/Integrating Game Lobby Party System to a Game Created in Unity Game Engine

We hope that this guide provides a template for how you can implement our services in your game.

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