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How to Engage Players with Twitch Drops on AccelByte’s Game Backend

For many game developers/studios, how to promote and engage with the player community is just as important as building the game.

Nowadays, live video streaming is one of the most powerful ways to reach and interact with your players, and it has benefited both newly released and older games' promotions.

Here at AccelByte we provide the ability for game developers to integrate with the leading streaming platform, Twitch.

What is Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops is a program that will help you increase your game's engagement and retention by letting streamers grant special offers, content, or in-game items to Twitch viewers who watch your games.

And it brings the Twitch community closer to your game, ultimately helping you acquire new players or re-engage your existing player base because viewers get in-game items that are only worth anything if they play the game, they need to play to derive benefit from it.

How AccelByte Can Help

We have integrated with every related Twitch feature that game developers need on our own platform, Justice. We've made it easy so it only takes five minutes to complete with a simple configuration.

First of all, Accelbyte has integrated the Twitch Identity which is foundational for most Twitch integrations. It enables your application to take actions on behalf of a Twitch account or access certain data about a user's account.

By offering the players the ability to link their Twitch accounts with ours, we make it possible to sync up the Drops progression in our entitlement system. All game developers need to do is fill some blanks on our Admin Portal, then that's it. Learn more about Account Linking Configuration with AccelByte here.

And besides, with our flexible and functional E-Commerce service, game developers are able to configure any content or in-game items as a reward of Twitch Drops.

By configuring the In-App Purchase for Twitch, our E-Commerce service will sync the reward entitlement from Twitch right after the players have earned it. Learn more about In-App Purchase Configuration with AccelByte here.

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