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Company Values Reminder: One Simple But Motivational Project

One day I was invited to a re-induction meeting, a session held by the company to refresh our memory about what is expected from AccelByte employees, be it in communication, team-work / collaboration process, our mission and vision as a big team, and everything else. During the session, there was a section that re-explained our company’s cultural values. The values are not that many but it’s enough to allow us to forget over time. Honestly, I only recalled 2-3 of the values during the session, and the rest made me go “Ah, forgot about that!” and apparently many people in the office shared the same experience.

A few months back, Boy (that’s what we call Pramudya, our UI/UX designer) told me about a browser extension containing 77 Uber Design principles. During the re-induction session, an aha moment struck me – I remembered the Uber Design’s principles in a browser extension; why don’t I create something similar for our company’s cultural values? It’s simple, practical, and most likely helpful to remind us about our values every time we open a new tab. I feel like I need this browser extension and I mustn’t be the only one.

AccelByte Company Values

I was motivated to work on this self-initiated project and then I realized that I’m not that good at design. I told Boy about this idea and he volunteered to help create the design in his free time. Boy did most of the design – he also asked for feedback from the rest of the UI/UX team to improve the design. With this idea being discussed, not only do we want to refresh those who forget about our values, we also aim to get the values stuck in our heads by making the browser extension show the values every time we open a new tab. By consciously or unconsciously letting the company values to get in our heads, it may smoothen our effort to grow together with the same foundation towards our goals. With a strong-kept culture, the identity of our company won’t wither even with hundreds and even thousands more people joining us in the future.

We worked on the prototype together and after it was done, we shared it with everyone in the company. We received plenty of feedback from everyone, from the color-combination to making the browser extension available on multiple browsers. This moment was just the right example of our company value taking effect, to DISAGREE AND COMMIT; we raised our disagreements, we discussed them as a team and tried to find a solution together, then we all committed to go with it.

Nobody gave a direct feedback of whether they like or dislike the browser extension, but when I walk around the office and I looked at my co-workers' screens, I saw them using it and it made me feel good. I just hope that those who feel the same need of this browser extension as I do can benefit from it like I do.

The browser extension is renewed from the last feedback and is available for AccelByte employees. In the future, with the consistent flow of creative ideas, we’re not afraid of losing our original culture even as we continue to grow rapidly, as long as everyone remembers the values and moves forward with them.

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