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What’s New in AccelByte Ver 2.38.0

We are always improving our innovative backend services by doing continuous research and listening to the feedback from our valued customers. On 14 April 2021, we released the latest version of the AccelByte backend platform. Here is what’s new in this release:

Sales Tax Integration with Taxjar

In some countries and regions, sales tax needs to be collected for digital purchases. But tax regulations vary widely across different states, cities, and countries. In order to comply with that, we integrate tax handling services to calculate the correct amount of tax to be collected from the player, and then our client can use the tax handling service to remit the tax to the tax authorities.

Some payment aggregators do not take sales tax calculation into account, so a service like TaxJar is a valuable tool to help ensure tax compliance of all purchases in your store. TaxJar integration can be managed in our Admin Portal.

Group Notification

Groups are a great way to let players chat and play together in multiplayer games. With this update, we’ve added notifications to keep players informed about group activity, like when members join or leave the group.

Group Role Improvements

  • Group Role Validation
    We’ve improved the way Admin and Member roles are assigned to players in a group to ensure smooth player experience.

Add Permission Checking for Group Admins

  • We’ve also improved how permissions are assigned to make sure group admins have all the privileges they need.
  • Promote a Party Member as the Leader
    Now party leaders can promote another player to take their place.
  • Custom Concurrency Control for Cloud Save with UE4
    Cloud save is a place where the game developer stores the game records like theme and event configurations, or user records like player save game data and player character data. We’ve added more user control over how revisions to these records made concurrently are resolved. We already had this feature for our Unity SDK, now we have it for UE4 as well.
  • Historical Match Session
    We’ve added Match Session logs to the Session History menu in our Admin Portal, so you can use them to debug your matchmaking service.
  • Use Custom Open DS Ports
    Now users can use custom open DS ports in their DSM configurations.

Doc Portal Updates




Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancement Highlights

  • Now you can search for items by their full name
  • Fixed an error that occurred when issuing refunds
  • Fixed the email template for User Deletion
  • Fixed the Failed to Complete Request error in Historical Logs
  • Fixed an issue that occurred with Orders

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