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AccelByte Celebrating 4th Anniversary

As a tech company with teams spread all over the world, our employees’ safety, wherever they are located, always comes first. We were one of the first companies, especially in Indonesia, to respond to the first cases of COVID-19 in the country, by optimizing our remote-work policy, limiting travel, and implementing safer ways to hold internal and external events.

While working from home, we’ve tried our very best to provide our employees with proper working equipment. We also host online social activities to boost morale during this challenging time, including knowledge sharing sessions and gaming sessions.

Weeks have turned into months, and suddenly it’s December of 2020. It feels like it was only yesterday we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary with friends, family, music, and engaging conversations among the crowd. But this December, AccelByte's 4th Anniversary might feel a bit different.

AccelByte 3th Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate our 4th Anniversary without compromising the health of our employees, AccelByte sent every employee a thank you package, to appreciate them for their contribution to the company's performance and for their commitment to excellence throughout the year.

We hope the gifts, which include board games and a painting kit, can help our employees have fun with their loved ones.

This package also contains items to help keep our employees healthy, including a new-normal pouch containing tissues and hand sanitizer, medical masks, and vitamins.

AccelByte 4th Anniversary Gift for AccelByte Indonesia employees

At the end of this month, we plan to hold an online celebration of our 4th Anniversary for everyone to enjoy remotely. We’ll provide the best interactive entertainment for our online crowd to make sure that everyone has a great time bonding together virtually. The program will include game sessions and a stand-up comedy show. At this time of year, everyone deserves to have fun! Most importantly, we hope that this event lets our team know how much we appreciate all of their contributions. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the rapid growth and success that is carrying us now into our 5th year.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet in person again soon, but until then, we’re doing our best to keep our team healthy and happy as they work from home.

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