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A Path to the More Accessible AccelByte Worktools

One evening at a coffee house near the office when we were hanging out, a thought struck Arif who was browsing on his laptop "We have so many directories to our tools, finding the right URL is such a pain. If only we have a page of tools-collection with URLs, maybe something accessible like a browser extension." We quickly agreed, then continued filling in each others with our life-update and throwing some friendly banters when Boy, that's what we call him, suddenly came up with a design to what our browser extension might look like. When we hang out, we always have our laptop, coffee and cigs on - we didn't know Boy (Pramudya) was making a design while we had our conversation!
"Hey, that seems pretty doable. Let’s do this!" I said.

That’s how this was all begun, a browser extension to AccelByte Worktools out of our own initiative to ease up our engineers’ work-process. Almost all our engineering work is related to the internet and we definitely touch the browser for work problems every day, which led us to decide that a browser extension is a nice solution to speed up our iteration.

Not long ago we experienced and witnessed many engineers spending their time searching for the right URL for the service they need to go to. It’s painful enough having to memorize URLs to around 32 services and 12 tools. With four environments which the tools operate in (Dev, Integration, Staging, and Production), in total we have around 128 URLs to remember. This is the very reason we need something like this browser extension.

Another reason to justify the creation of this browser-extension is that we want to help the new engineers who join our rocketship to easily catch up, knowing all the tools and services we have from such a neat list and having easy access to those things in the list. To iterate faster means a step forward towards excellence and excellence is what we aim for in AccelByte.

If you’re thinking this project was a request from the office, we’re telling you…

This browser extension project was purely our idea. What we did raises questions like “why would you spend your hang-out time to ‘work’?” or “why would you do this without being paid more?”. Aside from us seeing that this browser extension is necessary, we want to do more for the company and our team. AccelByte’s cultures taught us that helping each other in the team, in fact, is effective to build the team and the company itself. Since we feel helped with the product of our idea, we want it to help other folks in the company too. We’ve been helped by others so many times and this is one of our ways to give back to them.

And we have this mutual dream to make AccelByte a more advanced company in the future with the best cultured world-class engineering team and being known for it.

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