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Telemetry Pipeline


Make informed decisions with player and game telemetry

What is AccelByte

Analytics is a robust platform for tracking and analyzing player and game telemetry. Enable decision makers to quickly uncover insights based on any definable metric.

Your game and users’ data are exclusively yours.Retain player equity to keep conversations focused within your organization.

Enable performance-based game decisions

Correlate player and game data to measure LTV of players across titles. Generate reporting on player activity, preferences, engagement, and retention. Make data driven decisions around game economy and balancing.

Pipe game telemetry into your own data warehouse

Piping game telemetry into your own data warehouse like Snowflake, AWS Redshift, or Google BigQuery for more thorough business intelligence.

Fuel unique live community events

Track custom and novel player actions (e.g., ‘total player kills with a pan’) during limited time, live community events.

Retain complete ownership of your data

You will always fully own your players’ data. Period.

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