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ACCELBYTE AT GDC 2024 We’re excited to be at GDC this year! We help studios build, launch, and operate live service games. Want to learn more? Connect with our team through the links below or visit us at our booth to explore AccelByte Gaming Services and AccelByte Development Toolkit.
Attend our Session More developers than ever want to build live service games. For many, however, live service development remains a daunting task. So how are developers approaching making live service games in 2024? What are the key challenges they face, and how are they being overcome? These are the questions addressed by a major new research study from Omdia which gathered insights from game developers around the world to understand their view on the key trends in the market and how it impacts them. In this session, Omdia analyst Liam Deane and Rob Schoeppe, Chief Commercial Officer at AccelByte, discuss the key findings from this new research and the state of live service development today.
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Meet at Our Booth Want to stop on by and see us? Visit our booth on the floor at spot S969
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