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AI in Game Development: Building and Operating Live Service Games with AccelByte, GGWP, and

Dive into AI in Game Development and gain the latest insights on building and operating live service games through quick-fire lightning talks from our Lightning Talks and Cocktail Hour at GDC 2024.

Featured Speakers & Topics:

Dreamhaven's Game Development Journey with AccelByte and GGWP

Ray Yu, Head of Publishing Platform from Dreamhaven discusses how Dreamhaven leverages AccelByte and GGWP to enhance their game development and his vision for AI in future game development. Joining him are Rob Schoeppe, CRO from AccelByte, and Tim O’Neil, VP of Sales from GGWP to share insights from this collaborative success.

Using AI Bots in Game Development Process

Christoffer Holmgåd, CEO of takes you through the benefits and applications of AI bots in the game development workflow. He explores and showcases the advantages of using AI bots for QA testing and highlights use cases where human-like player bots can improve gameplay experiences and accelerate development timelines.

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