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UPCOMING Register to Join the Game Dev Connect at Devcom/Gamescom!

We're thrilled to invite you to our Game Dev Connect at Devcom/Gamescom! AccelByte, Unity, Edgegap, and Paddle are hosting an exclusive gathering to support the growth of game studios and showcase the latest innovations.

AccelByte’s Dedicated Server Solution for Multiplayer Games When:
Tuesday, August 20th at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm CEST
AccelByte’s Dedicated Server Solution for Multiplayer Games Where:
Augustin Restaurant | Dagobertstraße 32, 50668 Köln, Germany

Register now to join us for an exciting evening where developers can connect, enjoy food and drinks, and explore how our partners' offerings can collectively empower your studio. Learn how leveraging essential tools and services can help your studio successfully launch and scale your game in today's competitive market.

The event is proudly supported by these partners:

AccelByte provides a comprehensive backend platform for game studios to build, launch, and operate live service games. Founded by industry veterans and leveraging years of experience running large-scale game services, the platform is battle-tested and extensible, supporting cross-platform accounts, matchmaking, in-game store, analytics, and more.

Multiplay unlocks performance and flexibility for your gaming infrastructure, no matter what game engine you use. Enable the most responsive and consistent player experience while controlling your costs.  Find out how we host 77 million game sessions each month, while reducing your cost per player by between 30–40%.

Edgegap's helps game studios deliver a flawless multiplayer experience with automated game servers & distributed orchestration that leverage the world’s largest, edge network to deploy game servers nearest to players. is a white-label solution for the delivery of user generated content & mods, in game, on PC, Console, Mobile & VR; a trusted service used by leading studios and publishers, and live in over 160 games.

Paddle transforms your web store by handling payments, taxes, and fraud protection so you can effortlessly expand your global player base. As your merchant of record, Paddle ensures smooth purchase flows, reaching players worldwide and maximizing payment acceptance rates. Simplify transactions and elevate your success with Paddle.

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