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Accelbyte x Solsten Panel - Reaching Your Audience and Mastering Product Perfection

In today's hyper-competitive gaming landscape, reaching your audience matters more than ever. But to reach your audience, you need to build for it. And to do that, you need to know exactly who you’re building for. Finding this out used to be expensive and time-consuming. But it can be a seamless part of your conception and creation from day one.

This interactive panel features experiences and insights from various gaming experts, including Staffan Nyström, VP of Publishing at Starbreeze AB; Erik Pöntiskoski, CEO at DoDreams; Josiah Kiehl, CEO at Sprocket Games. Our panelists will explore strategies studios use to place audience understanding at the center of their development process, and how easy it can be. They’ll also cover why it’s the ultimate growth and long-term success strategy.

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