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Publishing & enriching your game yourself has never been easier
Everything you need to acquire gamers, drive engagement, monetize, and feature your brand

Use our services

Start by integrating your game to online services that we host and operate

Easy to get started, flexible options for future customizations

Engage our engineers

Our specialized backend game engineers are experienced with online games and developed our core technology

They can iterate with your team on tailoring our technologies to fit your specific game as it evolves, further freeing up your developers to focus on making your game fun

License our technology

Gain access to the source code, enabling you to have the flexibility to customize further and push game logic server side

Your game becomes simpler, easier to maintain, which is critical for the success of game as a live service

Delegate online operations

Our operations team can run your entire backend for you, further allowing you to stay focused on improving your game for the long term

They work side by side with the same engineers that developed your unique features, thus keeping experts as close as possible to the delivery of your players' experience

Products Offerings

We build and license services technology that can be used for:

Running a publishing platform to acquire users and distribute digital games

Operating social & game services to drive user engagement and enrich games

We also provide professional services to:

Custom develop for your needs

Operate the services that power your publishing & game services platform

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Built from the ground up using technology and industry veterans from some of the largest online game platforms

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