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AccelByte Announces AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT)

accelbyte development toolkit

From today, AccelByte is making the AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) openly available to all game studios and publishers. Up until now ADT has been called BlackBox, but over time BlackBox has grown and added more new and exciting features to help developers. We feel now is the right time to move towards a more expansive name and to bring it under the AccelByte brand umbrella.

AccelByte Development Toolkit

ADT is a suite of tools designed to help game creators be more productive throughout all stages of the game development lifecycle (like it did for Striking Distance Studios). The driving goal behind ADT is to help game developers make better games faster  and to allow them to focus on what makes their game fun and unique.

ADT does this by providing three major features:

  • Build distribution  - a centralized desktop application called ADT Hub that allows all your developers and partners to quickly and easily get hold of any build of your game at any time. Upload your builds easily from your build machine using the ADT CLI.
  • Error reporting and performance profiling - integrate the ADT SDK into your game and get access to comprehensive crash reporting and performance profiling tools. Pre crash videos help provide much needed context to your crashes and errors.
  • Playtesting - leveraging all of ADT’s other tools, playtesting provides an end to end solution for organizing and executing playtests in a development setting. Gather players, get builds to them, record all their feedback and then triage and act on that feedback. 

ADT for Publishers

Making games in today’s world involves coordinating and sharing between many different groups. From development studios to QA partners, and internal stakeholders; everyone at some point needs a build of games in development. With development more online and distributed than ever, and resources always constrained, solving these productivity challenges can seem daunting.

This is where ADT can help. ADT provides a suite of development productivity tools that enables publishers and developers to effortlessly and safely share builds of games in development with all of their developers, studios, and partners. This can be for quality assurance, milestones, or simply regular playtests to help make the game better. ADT not only helps with sharing builds but also with coordinating playtests, gathering feedback and errors, and assessing where the performance and quality of a game can be improved.

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