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Get a comprehensive view of game health by combining crash reporting, playtesting, build distribution, and performance profiling into one toolbox.

AccelByte Development Toolkit cycle

What is AccelByte Development Toolkit?

ADT is suite of tools designed to help developers and publishers work together effortlessly.

Build Distribution

Share Builds Internally and With Your External Partners

A Centralized Hub

A single desktop hub to easily get any build of any game. No need to worry about different solutions for different teams. Supports all major platforms.

Collaborate With Efficiency

Share builds with any team or group, create teams for internal use or to invite your external partners such as QA or alpha testers. Create channels to organize your builds and control access. Only download what has changed between builds with diffing algorithm.

Effortless Development

Internal development effort is no longer needed to create and maintain a custom distribution solution. Always have the latest build with full support for automatically downloading and deploying updates.

Risk-Free Options

Integrates seamlessly with studio/publisher SSO. Revoke access to users and builds. Retain control of data with studio/publisher infrastructure.


Easily gather players and playtest your game

Seamless and Fast

Schedule internal playtests so you can play with your dev team, internal, or external partners. Leverage efficient build distribution to make sure everyone has the right version at the right time.

A Secure Experience

Avoid exposing builds to external storefront. Control who can see and join a playtest. Revoke access at any time before, during, or after playtest.

Shared View For Collaborating

Give timely and  contextual feedback during playtests. Include screenshots and videos in to help the development team pinpoint exact areas to improve. Collate all the sessions, crashes, logs and feedback for an overall view of success.

BlackBox Crash Reporter

Track crashes and errors in development and live games

Convenient and Cross-Platform

Web based portal displays view of the health of all games in development or live. Supports all major platforms.


Track crashes and exceptions throughout the lifecycle of games. Collect performance telemetry identify where games are not meeting their desired KPI. Report qualitative issues and feedback to help developers make games even better.

Performance Profiling

Ensure targets are hit

Transparent View

Collect performance telemetry to identify where game is not hitting target frame rate and memory usage. Drill down deeper with UTrace viewer.

Fully Customizable

Supports Windows and most console platforms (Unreal only). Monitor what’s important to studio/publisher.

Deep Integrations

Integrate AccelByte Development Toolkit into your Jira with the click of a button. Set up rules-based email and Slack notifications.

Supported Platforms and Integrations

  • Unreal 4 & 5
  • DirectX11 & 12
  • PS5, XBox X/S, PS4, XBoxOne, Linux and Windows server BlackBox CLI can be run from Windows or Linux
  • Unity is BETA
Unreal Engine
Integration illustration


A simple Unreal SDK for 4 & 5. Integration so simple it typically takes minutes.

Unreal Engine


Run our CLI as a normal command line process and embed it deeply into your build workflows for optimisation of iteration. The CLI can handle all your creds, pushing PDBs, setting version targets for your crashes, uploading game binaries, and pretty much anything else you would need to do.


Linux Server Crash Support

CLI can be run from Linux, and Linux-based server crashes are fully supported.


What Our Customers Say

Mark James

CTO of Striking Distance Studios

AccelByte has exceeded our expectations for high quality quick iterations. With a new company and aggressive mandates for remote employees we would not have been able to achieve our goals without AccelByte.


Ray Yu

Head of Publishing Technology and Operations at Dreamhaven

I've been in the industry for a long time and appreciate how difficult it is to create excellent backend technology that delivers a seamless player experience. We know AccelByte can deliver a world class experience that frees up our time to focus on making games.

Alex Park

Head of Krafton Global Publishing Platform

By using AccelByte we’ve been able to leverage our existing tech and expertise to get started, allowing us to take the time needed to build the right team. We've been able to iterate quickly on custom features, while supporting studio needs.

Customer Stories

Let's get in touch! AccelByte can help you build, operate, and scale your next hit title.

Featured image of Striking Distance Studios Creates AAA Titles Remotely With AccelByte Development Toolkit

Striking Distance Studios Creates AAA Titles Remotely With AccelByte Development Toolkit

Featured image of The Callisto Protocol Escapes with AccelByte Backend

The Callisto Protocol Escapes with AccelByte Backend

Featured image of Saints Row Becomes Self Made with AccelByte

Saints Row Becomes Self Made with AccelByte

Featured image of Splitgate Enters the Arena with AccelByte Multiplayer Backend

Splitgate Enters the Arena with AccelByte Multiplayer Backend

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