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AccelByte Expands Offerings to Indie Developers

AccelByte Foundations Closed Invite

Foundations is now AGS Starter. Sign up here for free. 

AccelByte was founded with the guiding principle that we help creators of all sizes build and ship games. Historically we’ve been focused on serving larger AAA studios, but over time we’ve found that smaller indie game creators have a similar need and are creating increasingly complex multiplayer games. Recent successes have proven that indie developers can and will continue to make popular games that serious gamers enjoy. 

At AccelByte we believe that the games industry only grows stronger with a healthy ecosystem of independent creators. With all of that in mind, we are thrilled to share the latest extension of our solutions, Foundations. 

Free Game Backend

Foundations is our new free offering that makes our comprehensive and battle-tested game backend platform more accessible and available to more studios. While studios like Volition, Omeda, and 1047 Studios (and 50+ others) use AccelByte to power Saints Row and Predecessor on an AAA level, Foundations is a free game backend. Foundations seamlessly connect cross-platform accounts, profiles, matchmaking, and payments on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Android, iOS, and Nintendo.

Foundations is a streamlined version of the AccelByte Cloud platform that takes all our existing backend features and simplifies them for quick, plug-and-play integration. While AccelByte Cloud is a hosted, single-tenant solution with dedicated LiveOps support designed for AAA creators, Foundations is intended for smaller, independent studios to quickly build, launch, and operate their titles. 

This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to grow though! The AccelByte platform scales to support millions of players. Studios can also upgrade to the complete AccelByte AAA offering with dedicated LiveOps support at any time.

Foundations Closed Invite

The Foundations Closed Invite program presents a unique opportunity for the right partner. 

Selected participants have:

  • Direct access to and regular syncs with the product team for support
  • The ability to provide input to the product team
  • An influence on the Foundations roadmap
  • Knowledgeable resources for any questions along the development journey
So far our team has been working closely with a handful of close partners to leverage Foundations for their games. At this time we’re excited to announce we are expanding the number of slots available in the Foundations Closed Invite program. Studios interested in joining the closed-invite program can apply here.

Find a Backend Solution for Your Game!

Reach out to the AccelByte team to learn more.