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Meet BlackBox

You Build Games,
We Make it Easier

BlackBox offers a suite of essential tools that developers use to efficiently capture and analyze game crashes, monitor the performance of all key game systems, and distro of team dev builds.

What's in BlackBox?

Crash Handling, Crash Folding, Crash Video Recording, Utrace Based Performance Analytics, MetaData based Automated Test, Jira-Email-Slack Integration, Symbol Server, De-Symbolification, Dev Build Distro, Local S3 Caching for Builds, Pre-Signed URL Security

Crash Reporting

Crash Folding, graphing, and comparison. Target different game versions and builds. Hardware, Log, Modules loaded lists all searchable using SQL like search from the Web Portal.

Utrace Performance Metrics

Both a basic profiling on the flick of a switch, and Deep Utrace based profiling using MetaData. All DB stored, with the ability to compare session on our Web Portal.

Crash Videos

Automated Crash video recording using a super lightweight, additional code free Unreal SDK.

Stack Traces

Full stack trace for all crashes, on editor build, dev build packaged release build. Along with Symbol Server for accessing from Visual Studio. Crash Folding and deep integration with Slack, Jira and Gmail.

Automated Testing Support

Output your metaData driven Automated testing, sort by errors, warning, and notes. Build the entire system into your Jenkins workflow, and automated test system.

Dev-Team Build Distribution

Using BlackBox ABY you download builds for all major platforms, Deploy & Play direct to Console. Subscribe to Channels, get update notifications. ABY can power a local office infra disk cache, dramatically speeding up your S3 based distro.

Deep Integrations

Integrate BlackBox into your Jira with the click of a button. Setup rules based email and Slack notifications

Supported Platforms and Integrations

Primarily Unreal 4 based, DirectX11 and DirectX12. Unreal 5 early Access support. Current and Last Gen PS and Xbox support. Windows games support. Linux and Windows server support. BlackBox CLI can be used from Windows or Linux.


A simple Unreal SDK for 4 & 5. Integration so super simple and typically takes minutes.


Run the CLI as a normal command line and build it deeply into your build workflows for optimisation of iteration. The CLI can handle all your creds, pushing PDB’s, setting Version targets for your crashes, uploading Game Binaries, and pretty much anything else you would need to do.

Linux Server Crash Support

CLI is runnable from Linux, and Linux based server crashes are fully supported.

You Build Games,
We Make it Easier

Available to Medium to large size AAA studios using Unreal Engine looking to concentrate on making an amazing game, while we take care of the service side.