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You build games,
we make it faster

BlackBox offers a suite of essential tools for AAA developers. Distribute dev builds, capture crashes, monitor performance. Spend more creative time making awesome games.

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What's in BlackBox?

Dev build distro, local S3 caching for builds, and pre-signed URL security. Crash handling, folding, and video recording. Symbol server, and de-symbolification, UTrace-based performance analytics, MetaData-based automated testing, Google-Azure-Okta SSO, Jira-Email-Slack integration.

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Dev-Team Build Distribution

Using BlackBox Hub you can auto download and deploy builds for all major platforms. Subscribe to channels, drag & drop Unreal build folders for build upload, and get alert and update notifications. BlackBox Hub can power a local office infra disk cache, dramatically speeding up your S3-based distro and saving a massive amount of download data transfer.

Crash Reporting dashboard illustration

Crash Reporting

Crash folding, data visualization, and crash analytics. Target different game versions, builds, platforms, and changelists. Collect hardware and user info, logs, modules loaded lists, and search all using SQL-like search from the Web Portal.

Utrace Performance Metrics dashboard illustration

Utrace Performance Metrics

Use both basic profiling at the flick of a switch, and deep UTrace-based profiling using MetaData. All stored in our cloud backend, with the ability to compare sessions on our Web Portal, and download your entire crash data for your Business Intelligence software of choice.

Automated Testing Support dashboard illustration

Automated Testing Support

Output your MetaData-driven automated testing, sort by errors, warnings, and notes. Build the entire system into your Jenkins workflow and automated test system. We can advise on best practice for integrating with Perforce and Swarm reviews.

Crash Videos illustration

Crash Videos

Automated crash video recording using a super-lightweight, Unreal SDK with no additional code.

Deep Integrations

Integrate BlackBox into your Jira with the click of a button. Set up rules-based email and Slack notifications.

Supported Platforms and Integrations

  • Unreal 4 & 5.
  • DirectX11 & 12.
  • PS5, XBox X/S, PS4, XBoxOne, Linux and Windows server BlackBox CLI can be run from Windows or Linux.
  • Unity is BETA end Q1 2022.
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A simple Unreal SDK for 4 & 5. Integration so simple it typically takes minutes.
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Run our CLI as a normal command line process and embed it deeply into your build workflows for optimisation of iteration. The CLI can handle all your creds, pushing PDBs, setting version targets for your crashes, uploading game binaries, and pretty much anything else you would need to do.
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Linux Server Crash Support

CLI can be run from Linux, and Linux-based server crashes are fully supported.
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  • Upload builds using drag and drop
  • Upload builds from build machine
  • Organize build channel
  • Collect and analyze crash
  • Record 10 secs of crash video

and much more

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