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Digital Currency Features for Game Monetization

Modern game monetization models require a lot of different digital economy components, including a money system. Besides catalog, order, and entitlement services, we provide several feature sets for digital currency to optimize your players’ transaction experience.

Currencies by type

Real currencies

Prices in our catalog service can be set to a different currency for each country, enabling your game to be marketed around the world. The ability to modify the price of items in local currencies allows for regional pricing or marketing campaigns that include discounts for specific regions.

Our services support multiple payment providers that can be used to store real currencies to a Wallet and to buy virtual currencies.

Virtual currencies

Virtual currency helps players make payments across the borders of real world currencies. By employing a virtual currency in your main backend platform, your players have the option to top-up their virtual currency balance to get digital assets that are not available in their local pricing. Having a unified virtual currency for your brand also makes microtransactions seamless and improves purchasing experience.

On our demo platform, the virtual currency is referred to simply as Coin, but you can customize it to your brand’s needs.

Digital money management

Wallet system

Wallet is a system that is used by players to store currencies in your central game platform (your backend system). Our Wallet supports both real and virtual currencies. Other than the ability to store credit for future transactions, Wallet can also be used to store rewards players receive from winning events or completing particular tasks.

In-game currencies

We can empower you to implement either singular or multiple currencies for your game (e.g. the regular coin, the exclusive gem, and the event ticket). You can customize your currencies from an intuitive administrative dashboard should you need them to be purchasable and giftable as rewards.

Campaign support


Our Rewards service enables the game administrator to set rules to give players a certain amount of currency for winning game events, or completing particular tasks or achievements such as following the game’s official social media handles, defeating bosses, inviting friends to join the game, or killing 100 enemies.

Our Rewards service can be connected to our Statistics and Achievements services, to keep your players engaged by rewarding them for their progress in your game.

Code redemption

With our Code Redemption service, you can create codes that your player can trade in for games, DLC, in game items, or even real or virtual currency. When a player redeems a code, our Fulfillment service will credit that player’s Wallet with the desired amount of currency.

We are constantly developing our product to provide you with a dynamic and customizable set of services for our Commerce solution. If you need a robust backend for commerce in your game, reach out to us at Let us know about your unique game project and its monetization plan, and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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