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Implementing Code Redemption in Your Game

Implementing code redemption is becoming increasingly common in the digital marketing world. Not only is this strategy used by online stores selling physical goods, it's also frequently used to sell digital assets, including video games and in-game items. There are a few types of redeemable codes you can use to market your game, but the most popular type of code in gaming industry is item claim codes.

With item claim codes, you can give out your digital asset (such as the game itself, an in-game item, or digital currency) as part of your loyalty program. By implementing code redemption in your system, you can calculate your loyalty program’s redemption rate to determine your loyalty program's health and overall activity. From there, you can plan how to best motivate players to continue engaging with your brand. You can evaluate whether you need to improve the perception of your rewards, i.e. whether they're perceived as valuable and enticing, which affects player satisfaction with your overall product and in turn, their purchasing behavior.

In order to enable code redemption, first you'll need a complete set of digital commerce backend services that includes an ownership tracking system, accurate transaction log, a code generator, and of course a virtual wallet and currency. An ownership system allows you to easily track who owns what. The service is connected to the transaction details such as timestamp, payment method, and IP location. A detailed transaction log is important should an admin need to see the record of a purchase or troubleshoot a transaction problem. With all of these things connected, every time a generated code is redeemed, the transaction/top-up details will be recorded in the log and the system will mark the item/amount of currency owned by the player.

The most essential part of using codes is having a code generator which is connected to all of the needed services—the game catalog/currency, transaction, and ownership. Your code generator service needs to generate a new code every time it's called and there needs to be a record system for the claimed codes to prevent a code from being redeemed more than once should you need to have unique codes for different users.

It takes time to build all of these services from scratch, but we're here to help. We have a complete set of commerce services that you can be implemented in your game, including a complete set of code redemption functionalities and supporting backend services.

Shoot us an email at to request more information regarding our products or visit our commerce page and leave us a message.

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