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AccelByte's Joining Geekle's Game Development Global Summit 2021

We're participating in Geekle's Game Development Global Summit 2021. Our Raymond Arifianto (VP of Tech) and Muchamad Arifin (Senior Software Engineer) will present the topic "Building P2P Cross-Platform Multiplayer with webRTC".


We have various solutions to help game developers host Authoritative Dedicated Servers (Gamespark, Agones, Armada, Multiplay), but for some games (like coop or social games), that is EXPENSIVE to operate.

While P2P and all the techniques (like NAT punching/traversal) have been around for a while, there is no standard way to guide new developers to approach this issue.

These days, with Cross-Platform age, some games need a platform-agnostic way to securely communicate between platforms, and using Relay server as fallback plan in case direct connectivity is not possible.

Enter WebRTC: that has solved a lot of these issues with industry standard protocols: ICE, STUN, TURN, DTLS, etc.

We will dig into UE4 sample game (Shooter game), and replacing the default netcode with webRTC - from registering sessions to signaling server, exchanging information securely, establishing direct connection with STUN, and doing fallback with TURN relay server mode, and getting multiplayer going with the Data Channel. We will go over the pros and cons of this approach versus solutions out there (Authoritative Dedis, Photon relay servers, etc), and when to use each.

We will also talk about adjacent services that is needed to make the whole thing work (for instance: Session Browser, Matchmaking, and even using Dedis Hosting solutions to get the closest TURN relay server based on players geo-locations)

Join us at the talk and QnA session by registering at Geekle's website. We'll be on-air on the Senior Day 2 group schedule.

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