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5 Reasons to Implement UGC in Your Game

Author: Ispanji Pratama, Senior Product Manager

User Generated Content (UGC) is a service that manages in-game content that has been created by your players. There are different forms of UGC, depending on the game. The opportunities are endless, but some of these items include: customizing the color of a vehicle, clothing for a character, new aspects of a weapon, creating custom maps, and so much more. Some examples of games with UGC include: Need for Speed, Forza, Skyrim, and Halo.

With UGC, players can contribute to the community as a creator by creating, uploading, and managing game items that can be downloaded by other players. These items will then be visible to other players that interact with them in multiplayer games.

Still not sold? Below, we've come up with some reasons why you should give your players a creative role by implementing UGC in your game.

#1 UGC puts your players front and center
When you use content produced by your players, you're not only giving your players a spotlight, but their content will help enhance the quality of your game and bring in more players. UGC is also a recognition of your players fan base community that they matter, that they too can be part of the community.

#2 UGC provides social proof
A full 84% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations above all other sources of advertising. So, seeing content from real players increases your credibility as a company and helps give your game a reputation. And, people who create their own content will likely invite their friends to maximize their gaming experiences, increasing your amount of users and spreading the word.

#3 UGC allows players to form a unique identity within the gaming community
Players know what they want to play and giving your players creative freedom means that they get to play a game exactly how they want to. Seeing firsthand the content players create gives game developers insight into what works, what doesn't, and what should be added to the existing market.

#4 Allowing for player content signals that that you're open to communicating with your audience
Instead of relying on branded content, allowing for UGC can help you build a more genuine connection with your customers. Giving players a creative role in their gaming experience gives you the opportunity to turn your game into a community.

#5 Using UGC means you don't have to worry about not having enough content
UGC can be a useful tool for long Live Services that require constant fresh content injection and player retention.

UGC with AccelByte

At AccelByte, we believe that UGC is vital in helping players feel as though they're part of a community. By creating game items and contributing their creativity to the game, players are able to personalize their gaming experience and build connections with each other.

Game Admins can select items to be used as presets, which players can then modify. When a player creates a new design for one of the preset items, they can upload their design to be downloaded and used by other players who already own the preset item. Then when a player uses a custom design they've downloaded, that design will be visible to other players that interact with them in multiplayer games. 

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