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Leveling up your build distribution workflow with AccelByte Development Toolkit

In this webinar we will introduce a key part of AccelBbyte Development Toolkit (ADT)'s suite of tools for improving game development workflows. ADT Hub is a fast and efficient tool for getting your builds out to your team and partners as smoothly as possible saving time and money.

Join us to learn about the core concepts of builds, versions and channels and how you can upload builds using drag and drop or by seamlessly integrating with your build pipeline using the ADT CLI. We'll also show you how to download a build and automate this using auto download, deploy and play and walk through some best practices when using ADT to make your workflow smoother, including:

  • Choosing good naming for your builds and versions
  • Common strategies for organizing channels
  • Approaches for grouping team members and giving them appropriate access
  • Channel workflows for QA and other disciplines
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