AccelByte Product Offerings

Flexible ways to gain access to our publishing & game platform technology

Platform-as-a-Service for you to run your Game-as-a-Service

We host, you develop

We host a dedicated game backend environment

Your focus on developing the game and using our tools to run live-ops

Complimentary developer & dev-ops support

Leverage an admin portal for player, catalog, and other self-administration task

Access to technician on-call services 24/7 for live service issues and dev support for integration help

No one-size-fits-all

Leverage our Professional Services for customizations & unique solutions

Flexibility to grow into an Enterprise solution and take ownership of the entire tech stack

For a high degree of control & customization, Enterprise licensing gives you full ownership of your game publishing destiny

Build it your way with our source code

No one size fits all; freedom to customize our source code

A-la-carte licensing; only the modules that you need

Jump start development with a codebase years in the making

Ownership of the platform & tech

AccelByte tech is just a starting point

Benefit from continued feature updates and your customizations

Deploy to & operate on the infrastructure of your own choosing

Leverage our Professional Services

Let us help customize

Let us help you run the tech with 24/7

Why use AccelByte Cloud?

Why go AccelByte Enterprise?

Why use AccelByte Cloud?

Great for single game-as-a-service title distributed across many stores

Why go AccelByte Enterprise?

Perfect for multiple online titles with aspirations of a multi-year franchise plan

Why use AccelByte Cloud?

No need to worry about infrastructure, we host and manage for you

Why go AccelByte Enterprise?

Full control of your own infrastructure; you customize our source code and operate as needed

Why use AccelByte Cloud?

Access to complete set of our backend publishing & game services

Why go AccelByte Enterprise?

Customize and expand on our backend for publishing & game services

Why use AccelByte Cloud?

Attractive default player experiences with your branding

Why go AccelByte Enterprise?

Customizable player experiences tailored for your brand

Why use AccelByte Cloud?

24/7 operations support & administrative tools for managing your own platform

Why go AccelByte Enterprise?

Perfect for multiple online titles with aspirations of a multi-year franchise plan

Why use AccelByte Cloud?

Pricing starts with an onboarding fee and ongoing cost scales with your success

Why go AccelByte Enterprise?

Pricing is based on a custom licensing + annual maintenance fee

Why choose AccelByte Cloud over other solutions?

Individually Hosted Environments

We host a dedicated cloud environment for your game(s) and manage techops for you

Unlike other cloud solutions, each deployment is build from scratch and individually managed for you

Bespoke Customizations

Leverage our Professional Services to customize for your unique needs

Unlike other cloud solutions that customize through scripts, we can tailor the code for a bespoke implementation

Own Your Own Data

Get direct access to user profiles, logs, and the raw data stores of the platform

Unlike other cloud solutions, your user & game data is yours to own

Freedom to Upgrade

When the time is right, you have the option to transition to AccelByte Enterprise

Unlike other cloud solutions, there is a path take 100% ownership of the code and infrastructure of your platform

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