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Third Party Login Integration and Its Headless Account Mechanism

Having your own user account system gives you the perks of controlling user management, implementing loyalty services for your players easier, and being customizable to fit your exact needs. However, as beneficial as it is, any large changes to your game may elicit a negative reaction from players.

While some players have no problem registering themselves for an account on your main backend platform, others may feel that it’s inconvenient, since they’re used to playing simply by logging in from the store platform they bought the game on. Fortunately the solution to that is simple: by enabling third party login integration to your backend platform, you can have both the control of your own user management system and the convenience of 3rd party login.

With the AccelByte User Account Management service, your players can login using their accounts from third party platforms including Steam, Discord, Twitch, Google, Facebook, and from devices running iOS and Android. When a player wants to log in using a third party platform account, our service creates a headless account containing information that is provided by the third party platform. By having a headless account, the player can easily connect to other players in your central account management system without having to manually create an account in your game. And by having all of your players connected, you can provide equal service to all platforms and enable a cross-play system for your game.

This is how you enable third-party login in your AccelByte game backend platform.

Of course, headless accounts don’t have to stay headless. Players can upgrade their headless account by verifying their email address. When their email address has been verified, the player will have the option to edit and input information on their profile and secure their account with a password. After being verified, the previously-headless account can now access features to manage their own account accessibility, such as connecting their third party accounts through their profile page and managing their own gaming sessions. If a player’s account is connected to a third party account, the next time they log in using their third party account they’ll also be logged into their game account automatically.

Here's a look at how to upgrade a player's headless account.

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