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Everything you need to make, sell, and operate an online game.
Operate your game-as-a-service, nurture an active player community, and tap into that active user base for
expanded commerce coverage

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Why Your Own Platform?

Operate your game-as-a-service, not just a single-serve product

Players today expect more from their game beyond the initial purchase

They expect periodic updates, gameplay balances, and fresh content

Nurture an active player community with social & game services

Players today use games as a social hangout and treat gaming as a sport

They strive for mastery, expertise, and advancement over their peers leading to high levels of engagement with the game

Tap into that active user base for expanded commerce coverage

Players today are used to commerce in the game

They are likely to support a game they have invested time & effort in through direct or indirect monetization

Platform for your brand, regardless of distribution channel

Players today play on so many platforms

The most dedicated fans are loyal to the game developer and a brand platform can optimize on player retention

Our Solutions

Many person-years of development went into AccelByte’s technology and is now available to power your singular publishing & game platform regardless of where your game is sold and played

User Account Management

Digital Commerce

Game & Social

Launcher & Distribution

Player Experience

Admin Tools

Developer Tools

Our Products

An easy way to get started with your own publishing & game platform by simply integrating your game

For a high degree of control & customization, Enterprise licensing gives you full ownership of your game publishing destiny

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Built from the ground up using technology and industry veterans from some of the largest online game platforms, including Epic Games, Electronic Arts, Xbox, GameSparks, and Unity

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