Build, scale, and operate games faster, simpler, and without compromise.

AccelByte is a game backend platform that helps creators focus on what matters most: Making awesome games.

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What Our Clients Say

I've been in the industry for a long time and appreciate how difficult it is to create excellent backend technology that delivers a seamless player experience. We know AccelByte can deliver a world class experience that frees up our time to focus on making games.

Ray Yu

Head of Publishing Technology and Operations at Dreamhaven

AccelByte has been instrumental in helping us get The Anacrusis ready to ship. With multiple server options available, we have a high degree of confidence about our ability to scale through launch and beyond.

Chet Faliszek

CEO and Co-Founder of Stray Bombay

By using AccelByte we’ve been able to leverage our existing tech and expertise to get started, allowing us to take the time needed to build the right team. We've been able to iterate quickly on custom features, while supporting studio needs.

Alex Park

Head of Krafton Global Publishing Platform

AccelByte has exceeded our expectations for high quality quick iterations. With a new company and aggressive mandates for remote employees we would not have been able to achieve our goals without AccelByte.

Mark James

CTO of Striking Distance Studios

Founded and built by the community, our goal is to deliver the best possible gameplay experience. Offloading a portion of our backend development to a tried and tested solution will ensure a smooth experience as we scale across multiple platforms to millions of users.

Robbie Singh

CEO of Omeda Studios

AccelByte Cloud

AccelByte Cloud is a fully extensible backend platform built on a massively scalable microservices architecture.


Connect cross-platform accounts & identity management.

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Make informed decisions with player and game telemetry.

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Go to Analytics


Player portal, launcher, and patcher.

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Track, engage, and retain players.

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Go to Engagement


Grow and commercialize your game.

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Dynamically assemble and match players.

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Build a vibrant community.

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Track player progression and game state across platforms.

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Get a 360 view on game health by combining crash reporting, performance analytics, build quality and binary distribution into one toolbox.

A platform that grows with your game

Scale Infinitely

  • Founded by industry veterans who have engineered online systems for some of the largest game and distribution platforms.
  • Proven deployments with live titles supporting millions of players.
  • No hidden limits on transactions, storage, or anything in the way of growth.

Extensible and Customizable

  • We know there is no such thing as 'one-size fits all'.
  • Built on a fully extensible microservices architecture with Server SDK support.
  • Source code level access and services customization available.

Build a Direct Relationship with Players

  • Cross-platform made easy across all major platforms.
  • Unify player accounts across titles and directly manage user accounts.

Get Started Quickly

  • Start testing the core game loop without having to invest in a large backend engineering team.
  • Rapidly deploy without a LiveOps team.

White-glove Support

  • A 200+ engineering team supporting global 24/7 coverage with local LiveOps in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
  • Dedicated integration and customization support available.

Own Your Data

  • You will always fully own your players' data. Period.
  • All services setup in a single tenant production environment.

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